About us

WYBAC YACHTS is a new company but, taken together, the experience of employees is more than 500 hundred years.

We prefer to work and create in two areas:

pleasure yachts and
working boats.

In the area of pleasure yachts our fresh ideas in design generate the unique luxury yachts with sport and elegant lines Aegean yacht charter.

In the area of working boats we produce boats for police, military, fire boats and custom used working boats.

We are designer and manufacturer of sport , pleasure and professional Boats
Our company is an ambitious and fast growing team in the boats market. Using the best materials, a cost-saving product-management system and working with a specialized and experienced staff we are able to keep costs to a minimum while still ensuring that our products meet with the very highest quality standards set by the ‘Big Names’ in the world market.
Together with our in-house designers we will customize our standard-range to your wishes or we can translate your requirements to a complete design and built you the perfect boat that will meet all your standards and wishes.